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Wi-Fi & Data solutions for home and office

At Apex AV, we believe everyone should have uninterrupted access to the internet. Since its inception several decades ago, the internet has revolutionised how we live and as a result, can now be accessed from every corner of the world. With that said, many of us in the UK can still be found frustrated by poor internet speeds and limited coverage, particularly at home or in places across the country that are hard to reach for traditional internet service providers (ISPs). One of the most common complaints we hear from customers during our initial conversations is “My Wi-Fi doesn’t reach other rooms in the house!”, or “We’ve been told that the best speed we can expect is a couple of Megabytes!”. If this sounds far too familiar, get in touch with Apex AV today.

Superfast 4G & 5G Broadband

Apex AV supply mobile broadband solutions via EE, to places that traditional ISPs fail to deliver, particularly in rural areas where fibre or cable internet infrastructure is less prevalent. Small but powerful equipment allows us to deliver reliable broadband to your home when other options have have been exhausted. To find out more about getting broadband into your home, contact us today to arrange a free consultation.

Poor Wi-Fi Signal

The majority of broadband suppliers in the UK will make promises over broadband speed but make no guarantees over how easily you’re able to connect. Many of the ISPs will supply cheap routers with poor signal, meaning whilst you may be able to use your wireless device in the same room as the router is installed, when you move to other rooms, away from the router, your connection can weaken or drop all together. Apex AV specialise in the supply and install of powerful wireless routers by top manufacturers, helping make patchy Wi-Fi a thing of the past – no matter how many bedrooms or however big the garden.

Local Network Solutions

2020 was a memorable year for many of the wrong reasons. One thing that has materialised as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic is the ‘work from home’ culture. Millions of us up and down the country, from all types of industry have had to adapt to working from home. In many cases this has highlighted the short-comings of home internet and local networks which many take for granted in the office environment. Apex AV’s team of engineers provide a range of internet solutions, including local area networking and ISDN install, allowing you expand internet connections across your home both wired and wirelessly, from a variety of traditional internet service providers.

Home Wi-Fi

Patchy Wi-Fi driving you mad? Had enough of sluggish speeds in certain rooms? Our superfast Broadband solutions have you covered – throughout the home!

Office & Commercial

Our powerful Wi-Fi and data solutions can help boost productivity in the workplace allowing you to connect with colleagues and clients effortlessly.
Super-fast 4G Broadband from EE
If you live in an area with slow, unreliable broadband speeds, where standard ISPs struggle to operate, our ultra-reliable 4G broadband solutions provide super-fast broadband throughout your home or office.