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Specialists in Sky TV and IRS Installations

Apex AV specialise in the installation of Digital TV Aerials and Integrated Reception Systems (IRS), providing a range of TV services including Freeview, DAB, Sky TV and even foreign satellite services to all types of properties. Whether you’re experiencing poor television signal or none at all, our engineers install quality equipment at affordable prices.

We design, install and maintain IRS systems for all types of property, including multi-dwelling buildings, apartment blocks, hospitals, care homes, schools & colleges and student accommodation for both private landlords and housing associations.

What is IRS?

An IRS system, or Integrated Reception System, picks up broadcast signals from a range of transmitters including digital terrestrial (Freeview & BT), satellite (Freesat & Sky TV), as well as DAB radio and FM signals. In multi-dwelling properties such as apartment blocks or shared houses, an IRS system allows each occupant to choose their television supplier (e.g, Sky TV) independently of what other occupants may choose. This also reduces the need for multiple aerial installations which can prove both costly and unsightly.

Sky, Virgin, BT & Multiroom

Whilst you may pay for one or two boxes in your home, you may have thought about watching your subscription TV service in different rooms throughout the house. Traditionally customers will have to sign up for Multiroom services which can significantly increase the monthly cost of your subscription. Apex AV can help distribute your existing TV signal into any room throughout the house without having to pay a monthly fee. Start a film on the sofa and watch the ending in bed, or if it’s time to start making dinner, you can cook along with Chef Ramsey in the kitchen before switching back to your favourite soap when it’s time to dig in.

Poor TV Signal?

If you are experiencing a loss of channels or poor image quality, it may be time to either upgrade, repair or readjust your existing aerial. In some cases, your aerial may just need adjusting. Broadcast transmitters can occasionally reposition their equipment meaning that you may need to readjust your own TV aerial as a result. This can be difficult and not to mention, dangerous. We warn against climbing your own roof to readjust aerials yourself. Instead, have one of our experienced aerial installers to do this for you. Not only are we equipped with the correct safety equipment, we know exactly what needs to be done once we’re up there.

Contact Apex AV today for a free, no obligation quote for aerial installation and enjoy crystal clear picture quality from 100’s of television channels.

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